Ash to Ash . . .

It might sound like a B-grade horror movie, with a title like “Killer Baby Bug Eats Victims Alive.” But it’s a true tale, and it’s unfolding now in Northern Virginia.

The insect’s prey is not human, but ash trees. The “killer” is the emerald ash borer, which is smaller than a penny and, as its name indicates, is metallic green. This beetle has killed tens of millions of trees in the United States and Canada since its initial discovery in 2002. […]


Sperryville: Virginia Web site features village

We all delight in the tranquility and scenic beauty of Sperryville and Rappahannock County. Now those assets are well represented on the state film marketing Web site. Check out, then search for Sperryville and you will find 66 photos taken in and around our little village. If you search for Rappahannock County you will see other wonderful locations, including many farms and inns. […]

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Opinion Column

Drowned by the tide of ‘progress’

I remember a time when most of America looked like Rappahannock County. Oh, there were differences of course — the kind that come with regions, climate and architectural influences — but what was similar was the quality of rural life, small towns and the human scale of Main Street USA. Since that time significant economic and demographic changes have altered the landscape: the explosive growth of suburbs and the encroachment of exurbia creating mega-cities with their insatiable appetite for consuming farmland and open-space. As early as the 1960s parents were taking their children to make-believe main streets at Disneyland or Disneyworld, to rediscover the main streets they remembered from their own youth and which were disappearing with every passing day. […]

Health and Healthcare

Summer sunlight scorches skin

Basking on the beach.
Toiling in the noonday sun.
Covering our eyes from the glare.
Showing off our bronzed arms and legs.
Ah, summertime and those languid sun-drenched afternoons. Soaking in the sun to the point of being burning hot is not only uncomfortable but potentially lethal. […]

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More barley, cotton, soybeans grown

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services reports that the commonwealth’s farmers will increase barley acreage by 23,000 this year. Cotton and soybean acreages are up nine percent and two percent, respectively. Peanut and […]

Crime & Courts

July 4 traffic fatalities decline again

During the July 4 holiday, traffic fatalities declined once again across Virginia. Of the 743 traffic crashes that state police responded to during the four-day statistical counting period, preliminary reports indicate that five of the crashes resulted in five deaths. In 2009, nine people were killed over a three-day holiday weekend. […]

Health and Healthcare

Services to abused families needs our support

What if you found yourself in a situation where you’d been beaten by your spouse, boyfriend or other family member? You might seek assistance from law enforcement, other family members or friends or even need to go the hospital for emergency treatment. After you have taken any or all of these actions what do you do next? Going back home may not be an option! Are you aware that there is of a free and confidential resource located in Culpeper that can provide you safe shelter and support? […]


CMR farm show opens July 8

From contributed reports When the Culpeper-Madison-Rappahannock (CMR) Farm Show takes place July 8 through July 12, families can take their children to watch 4-H members show and sell their animals, to participate in or watch […]


The Rapp

A Rappahannock Fourth in Sperryville (and a patriotic reading in Washington), plus news of two wineries’ achievements with Google and the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. […]


A peach of a crop expected in Virginia this year

After a mid-June survey of major peach growers around the state, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) has high expectations for a very good peach crop this year. From Cana to Winchester and from Charlottesville to Rappahannock, growers say the peach harvest is looking promising.

“All the growers that I know say it’s looking good this year,” said Roy Alther, who with wife Janet runs Roy’s Orchard, just off U.S. 211 at Old Hollow Road, and who grows peaches, apples, cherries and plums. […]

Crime & Courts

Rappahannock man shot, suspect held

The suspect charged with the shooting of an 80-year-old Rappahannock County man during a June 10 attempted robbery will have a preliminary hearing at 9:30 a.m. Aug. 3 in Rappahannock District Court, Washington.

In the meantime, Thomas Lee Hicks, 62, of 13335 Durante’s Curve, Boston, Va., in Culpeper County, remains in custody, held without bond, at the Rappahannock County Jail. […]