Election Day is Nov. 2

Rappahannock County voters go to the polls next Tuesday to cast ballots in two races and vote on three proposed amendments to Virginia’s constitution. All polling places in the county will be open from 6 […]

Crime & Courts

Crime & Courts for Oct. 28

A 27-year-old Woodville man received a stiff sentence Friday (Oct. 22) for administering narcotics to his two-month-old daughter last December.

Rappahannock Circuit Court Judge Herman A. Whisenant Jr. sentenced Thomas Edward Lee III to more than 11 years in prison for felony child abuse and probation violations, suspending just over five years. Lee will serve the remaining six years and four months in a state correctional facility. […]

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Chesapeake cleanup challenged by Virginia farmers

Few would dispute that the Chesapeake Bay, known as the ‘Great Shellfish Bay’ by the Algonquians, has changed since Captain John Smith explored its pristine waters in 1607. Once teeming with aquatic life, massive oyster beds, waterfowl and virgin forests, North America’s largest estuary is showing signs of stress.

Home to some 3,700 species, it is still a viable ecosystem, but four centuries of regional population growth have affected the bay’s productivity. Cleanup efforts in the bay begun in 1980 have intensified since the Chesapeake earned a place on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “dirty waters” list. […]


Country dining

Last Friday, Mount Vernon Farm moved its cattle to the lush fields adjacent to the Link community center in Sperryville, where they grazed to their hearts’ content. Later in the week, traffic on U.S.. 211 […]