BOS to weigh reprimand of BZA member David Konick

Weeks after Rappahannock Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey W. Parker expressed his “concerns” about the personal behavior of Board of Zoning Appeals member David L. Konick, three county supervisors have directed Rappahannock County Attorney Art Goff to draft a letter of rebuke of Konick that if approved would be forwarded to the judge. […]


Council reroutes stub street to planners

The Washington Town Council met at town hall Monday night for nearly two hours, discussing at length an uncontested application by adjacent property owners at the north end of Gay Street asking that the invisible stub of that street be abandoned by the town. The council made no decision, other than to refer the matter to the planning commission. […]


County administrator says proposed bike trail ‘not without risk’

The public comment period took more than an hour, with remarks ranging from labeling the trail a “boondoggle” to being a great asset for county families. Afterward, County Administrator Garrey Curry provided a cogent explanation about the financial and project management arrangements between the county and other parties in an effort to mitigate risk. […]


Circuit Court judge expresses concerns to Konick, stopping short of official rebuke

The presiding judge of the Rappahannock Circuit Court, the honorable Jeffrey W. Parker, has expressed his “concerns” to a Rappahannock County government official, David L. Konick, who wrote to a Reva resident to “Go [expletive] yourself and mind your own damn business.” […]


Town passes Airbnb measure, ‘Innstock’ festival permit  

The Washington Town Council unanimously passed a new peer-to-peer ordinance governing Airbnb-type rentals in town, a measure the council has been working on for more than a year; and adopted resolutions officially permitting the Inn at Little Washington to hold its Sept. 2 “Innstock” fall festival, celebrating the Inn’s 40th anniversary. […]


County planner seeks law enforcement protection as ‘bird flipping’ incident escalates

Now, in an interview with this newspaper on Tuesday, Abdullah reveals: “As I sat there for three-and-a-half hours at the meeting [Henry] stared me down with intimidation — intending to intimidate me by sitting there. Three and a half hours I sat there and I took it. His smiles from ear-to-ear, his batting of his eyes . . . .” […]


Integrity of county board member questioned after crude written comment made public

The integrity of a Rappahannock County government official who wrote to a Reva resident to “Go [expletive] yourself and mind your own damn business” was questioned by both a county citizen and supervisor during Monday afternoon’s standing-room-only meeting of the Board of Supervisors. […]


Hooters makes brief appearance in Rappahannock

Before voting this week to adopt the written minutes of several 2017 meetings of the Board of Supervisors, Hampton district Supervisor John Lesinski called attention to numerous typos that needed to be fixed, one of which drew loud laughter from the audience. […]


BOS denies additional legal help with suit

In a three-to-two vote at its July 2 meeting, the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors rejected authorizing additional funds for legal help for County Attorney Art Goff. But the board subsequently voted to allow Goff to “feel out” what settling one of several lawsuits against the county would entail. […]

Land Use/Zoning

Confusing Airbnb permit process marks zoning meeting

The next day the Greenwells withdrew their application. In a letter to Zoning Administrator Michelle Somers, they said, “It was made clear to us last night that there are personal feelings involved in [our application] from some of the members…” […]