Supervisors, county attorneys wrangle over Bragg suits against government

Almost two hours into the afternoon session, several agenda items touched off an argumentative debate between Jackson Supervisor Ron Frazier, Piedmont Supervisor Christine Smith, and County Attorney Art Goff about the county’s progress in adjudicating Marian Bragg v the Board of Supervisors. […]


Sullivan set to convene final meeting as Washington mayor

Mayor Sullivan, after much thought, announced in May that he had decided against seeking a third term as mayor of the county seat, declaring it’s “time for a change, both for me and the town.” He said his decision “did not come easily.” Mayor-elect Fred Catlin will officially take over the town’s reins on January 1. […]


Live, from New York, it’s Denver Riggleman?

Michael Che, co-anchor of the SNL segment “Weekend Update” last Saturday, stated: “One of the strangest stories to emerge from the midterm elections is that [of] a Virginia Republican, Denver Riggleman, who won his election despite being accused of being a devotee of Bigfoot erotica. This is an actual picture he posted on Instagram.” […]


Two supervisors opposed to bike trail slid under FOIA to discuss reallocating grant money

The 16th century phrase “No man ought to look a gift horse in the mouth” was apparently on the minds of two Rappahannock supervisors who while at the same time opposing a 1.2-mile multi-use recreational trail connecting the county’s two public schools explored shifting its earmarked funding elsewhere. […]


County officials at each other’s throats

A local court case known as Bragg 1 alleges that the county’s Board of Supervisors violated Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) on several occasions in 2016 by not giving proper public notification before going into closed session. Surrounding the case, Jackson District Supervisor Ron Frazier on Saturday fired off an electronic missive to County Attorney Art Goff. On Tuesday, Goff fired back. Then Frazier returned fire. The two county officials and their edited emails speak for themselves. […]


Town of Washington a big step closer to keeping its post office

The Town Council voted unanimously Monday night to hold a public hearing on its proposed acceptance of a $135,000 contract for purchase of a town-owned parcel of land on Warren Avenue at Leggett Lane, allowing for a specialized developer to construct a post office and lease it to the U.S. Postal Service. […]


‘Code of Conduct’ for county officials in the pipeline

Both the afternoon and evening sessions of the meeting were punctuated with arguments, raised voices, interruptions, accusations, and anger — certain board members and county citizens alike. Ironic, or maybe timely, as one of the agenda items in the evening session was a discussion about adopting a code of conduct for county officials. […]

Crime & Courts

Llama farmer’s lawsuits against county government, taxpayers move forward in court

Stonewall-Hawthorne supervisor Chris Parrish, named in both Bragg cases, observed the Tuesday hearing. Afterward, in a brief interview, Parrish questioned the merits of the case. “David [Konick] said that when he opens his file he says he ‘wonders what this case is all about,’” Parrish said. “It just shows that the case has no merit.” […]

Land Use/Zoning

Public hearing scheduled on tourist home, B&B acreage requirements

The planners will consider whether in Agricultural and Conservation zones the minimum acreage requirement for tourist homes should be two and five acres, respectively, or ten acres in either zone. The commissioners will also consider whether contiguous property belonging to the same owner can be counted toward filling out a too-small lot size for a tourist home. […]


RappU moving into larger digs; security training to start in Amissville

The Board of Supervisors approved special exception permits for two county “schools,” including RappU, which will move from its Sperryville Trading location; and Risk and Strategic Management (RSM), a security training company based in Manassas, will begin operations in October on its 84-acre property on Shurgen Lane in Amissville. […]


BOS to weigh reprimand of BZA member David Konick

Weeks after Rappahannock Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey W. Parker expressed his “concerns” about the personal behavior of Board of Zoning Appeals member David L. Konick, three county supervisors have directed Rappahannock County Attorney Art Goff to draft a letter of rebuke of Konick that if approved would be forwarded to the judge. […]


Council reroutes stub street to planners

The Washington Town Council met at town hall Monday night for nearly two hours, discussing at length an uncontested application by adjacent property owners at the north end of Gay Street asking that the invisible stub of that street be abandoned by the town. The council made no decision, other than to refer the matter to the planning commission. […]


County administrator says proposed bike trail ‘not without risk’

The public comment period took more than an hour, with remarks ranging from labeling the trail a “boondoggle” to being a great asset for county families. Afterward, County Administrator Garrey Curry provided a cogent explanation about the financial and project management arrangements between the county and other parties in an effort to mitigate risk. […]


Circuit Court judge expresses concerns to Konick, stopping short of official rebuke

The presiding judge of the Rappahannock Circuit Court, the honorable Jeffrey W. Parker, has expressed his “concerns” to a Rappahannock County government official, David L. Konick, who wrote to a Reva resident to “Go [expletive] yourself and mind your own damn business.” […]