Photo: Republicans of note

Among the crowds at Saturday’s tri-county Republican Committee barbecue at Stuart Field in Amissville were (from left) Forrest Whorton of Castleton, with his horse Zeke and everpresent American flag, former governor and U.S. Senate candidate […]

From the Rappahannock News

Zoning appeal rejected

The Rappahannock County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) ruled in favor of Raymond Deakins Tuesday night (Aug. 14), voting that the second structure on his property was not a dwelling, as his neighbor contended, and thus did not violate the county’s zoning laws. […]


AARP survey: new ‘anxiety index’ reveals economic issues for Virginia voters 50 and older

In the coming November elections, a key group of Virginia voters – non-retired baby boomers ages 50 to 64 – are driven by economic anxieties that extend well beyond the single issue of jobs, according to the results of a new series of surveys by AARP.  […]

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Opinion: If you want cooperation, don’t throw your weight around

A hundred or more miles from its sparkling, reedy inlets, the Chesapeake Bay is still very much in the psyche of people throughout its watershed. Many groups in the Appalachian foothills enthusiastically plant trees along local waterways – doing what they can to stem harmful runoff. […]

From the Rappahannock News

Teachers feel taxed by budget

More than 10 unhappy public school teachers, and Jackson district school board member Amy Hitt,  squeezed into a single pew in the back row of the Rappahannock County courthouse at Tuesday night’s (May 29) final board of supervisors budget work session. […]


Editorial: Battleground county

The last time Rappahannock County was a battleground was 150 years ago during the Civil War, or War Between the States. Today’s battleground status also is the result of a divided nation – no longer […]