Editorial: Not-so-super Tuesday

Virginia may have been one of the 11 states comprising the huge delegate battle for the Republican presidential primary on so-called Super Tuesday this week, but for us here in Rappahannock County it was anything […]

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Letter: Rein in the school spending

I finally was able to really digest the superintendent’s preliminary proposed 2012-2013 Rappahannock County school budget. I need the Pepto-Bismol.  I fully agree with Jeffrey Knight’s assessment he so eloquently stated in last week’s Rappahannock News, […]


Romney wins county, state

With only two candidates on the ballot for so-called Super Tuesday’s Republican primary in Virginia, turnout was expected to be light; it was just that. About 5 percent of the state’s total registered voters handed […]

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Hunting and Fishing

Letter: The ‘Duhhh’ factor

It is difficult not to sympathize with Mr. Brady [“Clark Hollow Ramblings,” Feb. 23]. He presents himself as such a beleaguered soul. Hunting in itself is not a problem. Who said it was? The issue being […]

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Hunting and Fishing

Panel kills Sunday hunting bill

RICHMOND – A House subcommittee has defeated a Senate-approved bill that would have permitted hunting on Sundays in Virginia. A subcommittee of the House Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee recommended Wednesday that Senate Bill […]