Snow joke!

Instead of plowing snow, park rangers spent the lackluster winter tacking fire danger warning signs to trees along Skyline Drive down into Thornton Gap. Heck, more snow was shoveled this winter in Virginia Beach than in Flint Hill. […]


Dark skies

Storm clouds move in over Massies Corner on Monday afternoon, bringing torrential rain and high winds that took out more than a few trees, hundreds of households’ electric power and the county’s emergency paging system.

Betsy Brooker

The Blizzard of 2016

Even the geese saw this one coming, as flocks of a dozen or so merged into strings a hundred strong, fleeing the white wall of snow that had faded the Blue Ridge to the West on Friday by about 10:30 a.m., soaring high over frozen ponds in Washington. […]

A male goldfinch adds color to a Monday breakfast. Photo by Betsy Brooker.

Roads still snow-covered in Central Virginia

A good day to stay home, if possible. VDOT says I-64, I-66 and primary highways in its nine-county Culpeper District are still snow-covered, and secondary roads are mostly in what VDOT calls “severe” condition, with deep snow accumulated and in some cases packed down on the road surface.