Happy anniversary, so to speak

The powerful Virginia quake, which marked the first time a fault zone in the eastern United States produced a magnitude 5 or higher, was felt by more people than any other quake in U.S. history. And since that memorable day it led to the discovery of a new East Coast fault zone. […]


Dark skies

Storm clouds move in over Massies Corner on Monday afternoon, bringing torrential rain and high winds that took out more than a few trees, hundreds of households’ electric power and the county’s emergency paging system.

Betsy Brooker

The Blizzard of 2016

Even the geese saw this one coming, as flocks of a dozen or so merged into strings a hundred strong, fleeing the white wall of snow that had faded the Blue Ridge to the West on Friday by about 10:30 a.m., soaring high over frozen ponds in Washington. […]


It’s beginning to look a lot like . . . Easter?

Terry and Kelly Tanner, whose Daffodil Hill in Castleton has flowers originally planted by one of Rappahannock County’s earliest English settlers (the Moffitt family), thought the warmest December ever recorded since records started being kept in 1880 could best be represented by a photo taken last Saturday (Dec. 19). This little guy was one of 2.5 million bulbs to prematurely bloom at Daffodil Hill last weekend, the Tanners report. […]

Opinion Column

Letter from across ‘The Pond’

Here in Paris — France, not Virginia — there’s a wind turbine on the Place de la Concorde, chunks of Greenland ice melting in front of the Pantheon, and stationary, clean-energy bicycles that strollers are invited to pedal in order to power Christmas lights strung along the Champs-Elysees. […]


Wild Ideas: Baby, it’s warm outside

While we humans may have enjoyed the warmest October on record, rising temperatures threaten the existence of some native wildlife, which does not bode well for us in the long run, in this week’s Wild Ideas column. […]