Spring is well underway along the Thornton River Trail in Shenandoah National Park.

Editorial: Notes on the state of Rappahannock’s future

As global temperatures rise, there’s no “Planet B” to escape the changes that are projected to occur, and Rappahannock will not escape the dramatic changes that likely will occur, according to “Virginia Climate Fever,” a new book about how climate change would affect Virginia. […]

Photo by Pam Owen

Editorial: A modest proposal

Last week’s Thanksgiving editorial touched on some of the countless things for which we here in Rappahannock County should be thankful. But perhaps that for which we should be most thankful are the very things we do not have. […]

Photo by Molly M. Peterson.

Editorial: A Rappahannock Thanksgiving

It is that time of the year to pause and, instead of complaining, give thanks for our blessings. We here in Rappahannock County, especially blessed, can give singular thanks for many things too numerous to mention, but here’s a sampling. […]


Editorial: Of time, elections and roadkill

At 2 a.m. this Sunday, Nov. 2, daylight savings time ends — and deer will again be appearing in commuters’ headlights across the land. So be mindful, and be pragmatic — and, publisher Walter Nicklin writes, consider doing the same on Nov. 4, Election Day. […]


Editorial: That scary time of the year

There’s plenty to worry about these days, but one truly scary discovery went largely under-reported and unremarked-upon — because, as an an abstraction, it doesn’t trigger the primitive fight-or-flight response: This past September was, on average, the hottest September on record for planet Earth. […]


Centennial close to home

This year marks the centennial of the start of World War I. But this year also marks the centennial of a powerful idea hatched here in the United States demonstrating a better side of human behavior — a simple idea hatched by Frederick Goff. […]


Editorial: In search of clarity

Early Sunday morning, for many Rappahannock residents, brought the season’s first frost. And with it comes a certain clarity of vision — it’s the perfect time of year to reacquaint yourself with your favorite poems. […]


Editorial: Lessons from up north

Maine and Cape Cod would seem to have very little in common with Rappahannock. But recent policy studies reveal the three distinct geographic areas have similar challenges — namely, youth out-migration and the cost of housing. […]


Editorial: Beyond the here and now

Almost 100 marchers in the People’s Climate March came from Rappahannock County! Only kidding! For, blessed as we are to live here, Rappahannock’s demographics are precisely those associated with American citizens who view climate concerns as not serious. […]


Editorial: Where the wild things are

It’s hard to believe, but once upon a time not so long ago the federal government wasn’t dysfunctional and the Congress actually passed meaningful legislation. Fifty years ago last week, for example, the Wilderness Act was signed into law. […]

F. Preston Pulliam passed away Sunday at the age of 92.

Editorial: In memoriam

Like many native sons, F. Preston Pulliam left Rappahannock County at an early age to seek his fortune elsewhere. But Pres, who died on Sunday at the age of 92, never really left, for he kept returning, falling in love all over again with the beauty of Rappahannock. […]


Editorial: Mystery at the manor

What Rappahannock needs is a good murder mystery. Not the real thing, of course (in which someone would have to be actually killed), but a fictional whodunit. And it did, last week, in the form of Tom Stoppard’s “The Real Inspector Hound.” […]