Letter: Businesses Link up

The Feb. 15 gathering of Rappahannock Business Link was attended by nearly 50 professionals and enjoyed by all. Chef Victor of Griffin Tavern provided delicious food, and Jim and Debbie Donehey were underwriters for the […]


Letter: Benevolence becomes us

Kudos to all who worked so hard to make the Rappahannock Benevolent Fund dinner on Saturday night a success. There was great music, delicious food, laughter and hugs all around. It brought together a cross-section […]

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Appellations and oranges

An example of what Winston S. Churchill called a “terminological inexactitude” appears on page 1 of your Jan. 20 edition. Under the headline “Funds for schools urged,” the writer refers to the “Rappahannock County Board […]