Opinion Column

Why I will vote for Donald Trump

The next president will be in a position to appoint Supreme Court justices who will protect and defend our Constitution or drastically savage it. If nothing else were on the line, this would be enough for me. The future of this country is far more important than some distracting locker room talk. […]

By Roger Piantadosi/Rappahannock News
Opinion Column

Theater on the rocks

This summer the stone-maestro himself, John Henry, entered the playwriting lists as the author of “Arguing with God,” set for an encore performance Sept. 11 at Henry’s amphitheater near Flint Hill. […]


Why is it suddenly a novel idea?

Last week Rappahannock citizens along with the rest of the nation celebrated and commemorated the birth of the nation on the Fourth of July. Hopefully, almost everyone knew what we were actually commemorating. You hear […]

Land Use/Zoning

Big changes in . . . oh, nevermind

Page through the last few decades of local history and you’ll note a theme: Rappahannock citizens, both old and new, do not take kindly to makeovers. And yet this place has been made over, some would say drastically, since the 1970s. […]

Adult Education

RappU and me: A match made in heaven

When my husband and I bought a weekend home in Rappahannock County, I wondered how we would get the opportunity to meet new people. When RappU published a list of course offerings, I decided to see if there was anything of interest — and wound up signing on for six classes! […]


Save the farm, save the Bay

The five-year court battle is over. The Supreme Court of the United States, by declining to hear the case, has affirmed two lower courts’ decisions that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency did not overstep its bounds by setting total maximum daily loads (TMDL), or a “pollution diet,” for jurisdictions in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. […]

Photo by Dennis Brack
Foothills Forum

Opinion: ‘The voice of the people’

The Foothills Forum survey’s headlines: We love this place. We value our privacy. We like our services. We’re more disposed to change than you might have heard. And with nearly 1,400 households responding, a rate more than doubling expectations, all manner of interests now have real numbers to back their causes. […]


Of stones and words

Rappahannock County is blessed with an abundance of interesting individuals doing interesting things, often not widely known. In the interest of community-sharing and in the first of an occasional series, Rappahannock News’ Walter Nicklin does a Q&A with Flint Hill’s John Henry. […]

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Oppose the ‘Airbnd bills’

I ask that you oppose the proposed Limited Residential Lodging Act.

Years ago, in choosing to live on agricultural property bounded by similarly zoned neighboring properties in rural Rappahannock County, my family and I chose the bucolic over the expedient, foregoing the trappings and intrusiveness of commercial activity in favor of simple country living. I submit that having made this choice, we are vested with an expectation of peaceful possession, control and enjoyment of our property… […]


Please help the babies

Last year, I visited the Kings Children’s Home in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. I hand delivered donated funds to this home for abandoned and abused babies from Trinity Church, individual parishioners, family members, and many other Rappahannockers. […]