Étienne Carjat

Break bread with a Muslim

His name is Emir Abdelkader, which means “servant of God.” As a theocrat, he is a John Winthrop; as a father of his country, a George Washington, and as a chivalrous warrior who fought the good fight but did not believe in useless suffering, a Robert E Lee. […]

Opinion Column

Letter from across ‘The Pond’

Here in Paris — France, not Virginia — there’s a wind turbine on the Place de la Concorde, chunks of Greenland ice melting in front of the Pantheon, and stationary, clean-energy bicycles that strollers are invited to pedal in order to power Christmas lights strung along the Champs-Elysees. […]

Opinion Column

Freedom is not free — more than just a casual expression

“Freedom is not free” speaks to the challenges we face and sacrifices we make together to survive in a community where we rely on one another for our future and our humanity. It is, without a doubt, the soldier’s sacrifice — but it is also the woman’s and the teacher’s and our neighbor’s … […]


One disaster: The tip of the iceberg?

Like the frogs sitting in cool water oblivious to the fact that the temperature is rising slowly and will soon boil them before they can jump out, Ralph Bates writes, we too let our outrage at environmental disasters subside. […]

Health and Healthcare

March for Lyme!

Flint Hill actress and singer-songwriter Olivia Maxwell, who suffers from chronic Lyme disease, has an idea to start a march — a huge march in D.C. with at least a million people, one day next May. The world needs to know the effects of this terrible disease. […]