The Twain is still running

By the time he was 30 years old, Samuel Langhorne Clemens used his nom de plume of “Mark Twain” every time he went out his front door into the public life. That way, he said, […]


Stirring up the hornet’s nest

Judging from the reaction in the major media to Gov. Bob McDonnell’s reinstatement of Confederate History month, the starry cross of the Confederacy remains America’s most controversial icon. […]

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Opinion Column

A spirited debate

The Rappahannock News editorial last week “What Do You Think?” sparked Jim Gannon’s “What’s the Matter With Rappahannock,” which in turn sparked a lively debate on the email list-serve Rappnet. Below are some excerpts: Farming […]

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When Harry met Grover

There once was a time when life was not so hedged in and our elected officials were infinitely more accessible. Recent headlines remind us that White House access is severely restricted — or was meant […]