Editorial: Kill, baby, kill

Spring and summer mean carnage on Rappahannock roads. Mechanized, so-called civilization in the form of gasoline-powered cars and trucks collides with the very life-force that awakens and propels our still-wild co-inhabitants to get to the […]


The Twain is still running

By the time he was 30 years old, Samuel Langhorne Clemens used his nom de plume of “Mark Twain” every time he went out his front door into the public life. That way, he said, […]

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Missing Claybert Smoot

Attending Claybert Smoot’s funeral and reading Ben Jones’ letter in last week’s Rappahannock News brought a strong reminder to me that old Rappahannock is passing, especially in the Town of Washington. As I sat in […]

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Thank you, Rappahannock

The entire family of Ester Settle would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the outpouring of love and support. Thank you for joining us to pay a special tribute and to celebrate […]


Letter: Kudos to the sheriff

Sheriff Connie Smith deserves great accolades for her recent decision to have the inmates put in a garden at the Rappahannock County Jail in Washington. Not only will the garden provide fresh produce for the […]


Editorial: To honor her memory

For those of us not blessed with lifelong, full-time Rappahannock residency, we knew Ester Settle primarily by reputation. And what a reputation it was: “The little woman with the enormous heart,” in the words of […]

Letters to the Editor

Letter: A special lady

How can I express the loss of one so special as Ester Settle? I could tell how she loved her family with a passion. How she felt that she had experienced things in her life […]

Letters to the Editor

Letter: They have earned a voice

“He was struck by a cannon ball, taking both legs nearly off between the body and the knees.” So reads the memorial of my 31-year-old Great (three times) Uncle David Christian Hite, whose body was […]

Letters to the Editor

Letter: That lovin’ feeling, lost?

What has happened to Rappahannock County? My family moved here in 1991. Initially I was a “city” girl and hated the “stinkin’ fresh air.” I had just graduated from Chantilly High School and my parents […]

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Welcome back, Blue Rock

How splendid that Blue Rock has again opened with its new owner and management team. My husband and I have already enjoyed a fabulous Sunday brunch, last evening, the first of what I know will […]


Editorial: Eye of the Beholder

No, it’s not installation art.

The clear-cutting, the digging, and the constructing are almost done in the county’s far northeastern corner for the new power transmission line — the wisdom of which had been debated and litigated for more than two years. There’s no longer debating the facts on the ground, however: Virginia Dominion Power and its partner, Allegheny Power, won. […]

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Rappahannock on my mind

On Saturday (April 24), the “Across the Years” Reunion was held at the Link for the graduates of Rappahannock County High School. What a wonderfully planned event it was; the food was delicious, expertly prepared […]

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Caregivers group forming

With the help of many individuals and organizations, including the Alzheimer’s Association, Aging Together is helping to organize a Rappahannock County caregivers support group that will start meeting regularly in early June. We know there […]

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Caring about the environment

In the April 8 edition of the Rappahannock News, Robert Alcott of Washington wrote a most appropriate letter to the editor [“What happened to pride?“] regarding the trash along Rappahannock roads. Kudos are in order […]