How bout them apples?

Horticulturist Mark Smith, director of estate gardens and grounds at the Inn at Little Washington, chose a chilly late-winter day this past week for some “dormant season renovational pruning” of the inn’s apple trees — priming them, he explained, to “renew their shape in the French provincial style.” […]


Deer ears in snow

Celebrated photographer Gary Anthes, his most recent book “Pictures at an Exhibition” published in 2018, captured this beautiful scene along Hope Hill Road in Castleton during this past weekend’s burst of snow. If the calendar is to be trusted, spring arrives in Rappahannock County next Wednesday, March 20. […]


Can’t escape the Thorntons

From Thornton Gap to Thornton River to F.T. (Francis Thornton) Valley Road and beyond, there were six Francis Thorntons associated with the county between 1731 and 1840, one of whom laid out Sperryville in 1817. Rappahannock Historical Society researcher Maureen Harris in 2015 wrote the definitive article on the Thornton dynasty in Virginia, titled “Will the real Francis Thornton please stand up!” […]


No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn

With a non-migratory lifespan of up to 15 years, the magnificent red Cardinal symbolizes joy, rejuvenation and celebration — even amidst this past weekend’s wintry mess. Spring officially arrives in Rappahannock County on March 20, although astronomical spring and meteorological spring can vary widely, especially in these unpredictable times of climate change. […]


Soggy ground catches fire

Strong winds blew into Rappahannock County Sunday evening, hours after buckets of rain and melting snow turned the soil into a saturated sponge. As soggy as the ground was, it took no time for 50 mph wind gusts to dry out the fields of brush, to the extent that several acres caught fire along REC transmission lines south of Scrabble late Monday afternoon. […]


Saluting Rappahannock Black History Month

Newman Nighton Gibson was born in Peola Mills, Rappahannock County, on May 10, 1897, to Lee Brown and Harriet Gibson. He began farming at age 12. In 1917, he was a member of Company K, 370th Infantry, in the First World War, where when fighting alongside the French in trench warfare he and his fellow soldiers were gassed. […]


Professionals among them

Twelve members of the Capital Wind Symphony joined the Rappahannock County High School and Elementary School Bands last Saturday for two rehearsal sessions, thanks partly to the Piedmont Symphony Orchestra’s Music Mentor Program and RAAC’s Claudia Mitchell Arts Fund. […]


Will you be my Valentine?

Cocoa Manna on Sperryville Pike hosted a popular “Valentine Pop Up” Saturday, showcasing ahead of Valentine’s Day today bean to bar chocolate and truffle creations by chocolatier Karen Mosebrook; orchid gardens, terrariums and bouquets-to-order by Jen Perrot of Flourish Root Floral Studio in Sperryville. […]


Webert welcomes Lesinski

Republican Delegate Michael J. Webert of Virginia’s 18th welcomed the Joint Leadership Council of Veteran Services Organizations to the Capitol, including County Supervisor John Lesinski, who was appointed by Gov. Ralph Northam to two state positions overseeing veterans’ affairs. […]


Patent pending

“My new invention — individual feeding cups!” writes Kaye Kohler of Amissville. “I was squeezing oranges for juice and decided to line the halves up on the railing and fill with seeds. The birds loved it! They didn’t have to wait their turn at the feeder. One bird was so tiny he had to stand on the edge of the orange!” […]