A paycheck doesn’t make you a professional

Sharon “Sherry” Hamill-Huff carries the fire-engine-red urn containing the remains of her late husband, longtime Flint Hill Volunteer Fire Co. Chief and President Frank Huff, following a well-attended salute in his honor Saturday at Rappahannock County High School. Huff trained many of Rappahannock’s top fire and rescue personnel, who took turns sharing memories of the devoted firefighter. […]


‘Cemetery of Innocents’

It took a full eight hours one day before the snowstorm last week for the Knights of Columbus at St. Peter Catholic Church in Washington to install a “Cemetery of Innocents.” Says Knight Jeffrey E. Knight: “Each tiny white flag memorializes one of the more than 3,000 victims of abortion whose lives are ended each day in America.” […]


Shutdown persists, Rapp feels the bite

The partial U.S. government shutdown that began Dec. 22 and has left 420,000 working without pay continues to be felt in Rappahannock County. Despite beautiful weather this past weekend Shenandoah’s hiking trails, popular Skyline Drive and even Route 211 adjacent to the Thornton Gap entrance (seen here last Saturday) were virtually empty. […]


PATH keeps giving during holidays

With a legacy of community philanthropy stretching back to 1954, the modern PATH Foundation never ceases to amaze with its generosity, including over the recent holidays when PATH volunteer Anna Galina (seen here) appeared in Rappahannock County to distribute “Scratch and Give” cards to patrons of local restaurants, including Headmaster’s Pub in Sperryville. […]


Corner Store forever a home

Roger Jenkins was in the 10th grade when he began working at the Sperryville Corner Store. That was in 1976, and he would remain at the historic grocery — “I was store clerk, meat cutter, a little bit of everything” — for 20 years, until Feb. 18, 1996. […]


Liberty & Justice for all

Virginia State Police asked residents to help choose names for the force’s two new bloodhounds, politely posing in Richmond with Rappahannock County’s own Colonel Gary T. Settle, superintendent of the State Police. The winning names for the 11-week-old floppy-eared brother and sister: Liberty & Justice. […]


A hunting he will go

Delegate Michael Webert, who represents Rappahannock County and the rest of the 18th District in the Virginia House of Delegates, describes himself as a “farmer and avid hunter,” and he certainly displayed the latter skill this past week. […]


I owe how much?

Rappahannock County taxpayers had until yesterday (Wednesday, Dec. 5) to pay their 2018 real estate and personal property taxes. This year’s tax bills reflect an overall three cents increase in the real estate tax for a total of seventy-three cents per one-hundred dollars of assessed value. […]