A toast to the queen

Ruby Dwyer of Old Hollow celebrated her 90th birthday last Friday, January 19th. On Saturday, her three children — Kathy, Sam and Gary Dwyer — threw their mom a wonderful birthday party attended by dozens of her friends at Trinity Episcopal Church. […]



I heard the first four measures of Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater in my head, A soprano sang, accompanied by flutes, I loaded the rifle, the shells were from Czechoslovakia […]


Poem: April’s Fool

Relentless, his jokifying

Went on non-stop,

Made traffic halt and Aspens quake.

Encouraged by the slightest chortle,

A guffaw sent him off in mirthic ecstasies,

Stepping not too lightly on the trillium. […]

Thrift Shop racks and shelves are bulging with high quality summer merchandize for everyone.

Washington column for May 22

Vacation Bible School begins anew at Trinity and Washington Baptist, the Thrift Shop has a $5 Bag Sale, the Lions offer free vision screenings and Larry “Bud” Meyer’s book wins tops honors at the Green Book Festival in this week’s Washington column. […]

Ben Hudson

Blue State Bluegrass Brunch

Say Rappahannock heidi-ho and here we go!The Brunch is now four years in a row! We’ll crank up the music and set out the foodTo make sure folks are in a good mood. At Washington […]