School/Education News

School news for Aug. 30

“The kids were super excited to spend time outdoors collecting leaves,” said teacher Becky Ernest, leader of the young explorers. Once the group gathered the leaves, the class worked in pairs or trios to sort the needles and leaves into two collections, coniferous or deciduous, and this led them to discuss the different tree characteristics. […]


Courthouse Row for Aug. 23

Home/land transfers — Hampton: Robert P. Anderson, trustee of the Robert P. Anderson and Roberta T. Anderson Living Trust to Wayne A. Woodward and Sharon K. Woodward, husband and wife, 25.000 acres, $240,000, deed bargain sale, general warranty. […]


Down Memory Lane for Aug. 16

Dec. 23, 1998: Hackley’s Store will close for businesses on Christmas Eve, ending 64 years of continuous operation for the general merchandising store in Amissville. However, the Hackleys said it will likely reopen in March under different management. […]


Q&A: Rappahannock through the lense

Rather than a traditional gallery opening and exhibit, Sands’ portraits of the county, titled “Who We Are,” accompanied by several images of Rappahannock’s distinctive landscapes, will be enlarged and displayed throughout the county for one month beginning Saturday, July 7th. […]


Fire and rescue calls for May 31

Tuesday, May 22 3:43 p.m. — Sperryville Pike, Sperryville, motor vehicle accident, companes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 Wednesday, May 23 1:33 a.m — Littlefield Lane, Boston, general illness, company 5 2:08 a.m. — […]

Crime & Courts

Virginia Supreme Court grants Bragg FOIA appeal

In the case of Marian Bragg vs the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors, the Virginia Supreme Court today (Thursday, May 17) upheld the local llama farmer’s appeal of a lower Rappahannock County Circuit Court ruling surrounding enforcement of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). […]

School/Education News

Rapp nurse aide students inspired by Dr. Patch Adams

According to CNA student, Jacklyn Humphries, “We learned about Dr. Patch Adams while covering patient directed care. To show the importance of being respectful and attentive, our teacher showed us the 1998 film ‘Patch Adams.’ His perseverance to encourage a more personalized environment inspired us.” […]

Letters to the Editor

Counting the county’s self-employed

However, the US Census Bureau finds that 3,495 county adults are employed. Where are the missing 939 workers? In all likelihood, they are the ‘self employed and informally employed’ people who were not included in the UVA report, people such as farmers, small business owners, artists, cleaning ladies, lawn care workers, etc., a group that is significant in our county. […]

Letters to the Editor

‘Forward-thinking decision’

Thank you to all of you who let our Supervisors know that you support our budget as proposed. Public support makes a big difference! There is a Public Hearing scheduled for Monday, April 23rd at 7 p.m. at the Elementary School Auditorium. […]