Rappahannock’s unique ‘virtual village’

Can you conjure up the image of an old-fashioned village? The kind of place where neighbors-helping-neighbors is a value everyone shares? Many would rightly say that such a sentiment is found abundantly throughout Rappahannock County. It is also, not surprisingly, the core-principle that powers the young, local organization known as Rapp at Home. […]


Overwhelmed to overjoyed — Rapp residents respond in force to foster parenting

Rappahannock County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Judge Melissa Cupp could not be more delighted with the response by Rappahannock residents to her plea for much-needed foster parenting. Cupp had revealed only last month that a majority of Rappahannock foster youth were being sent to other counties and cities to live and attend school because there were no available foster care homes in the county. […]


L.G. ‘Butch’ Zindel is Citizen of the Year

His extensive volunteer work has been recognized all the way to the state capital in Richmond. He was named Scoutmaster of the Year for the Piedmont region in 1990; he received the Governor’s Award for Volunteering Excellence in 1990; and in 1991 the Piedmont Association of Realtors recognized Butch for “Outstanding Service to the Community.” […]


Woodville woman’s act of selfless kindness

Perhaps her most daunting accomplishment, however, is this summer’s decision to donate a kidney to Lake Lester. He is a man she barely knows. He is not a family member, nor neighbor, nor close friend. He is simply a man in her professional network suffering from final stage renal failure. […]


Back to Belize to ‘raise the roof’

The last big fundraiser will be held this Saturday, June 23, at Reynolds Memorial Baptist Church. The car wash from 2-6 p.m. is the first event and appointments can be made by calling 540-987-8137. The Talent Show, combined with a delicious Italian dinner, will follow. […]


The Old Lion turns 60

Here in Rappahannock, another important event occurred that year. One of the more underappreciated forces in the county was chartered — the Rappahannock Lions Club. Back then, it was a group of men who pooled their resources to do as a group those things which they couldn’t do by themselves. […]


The Rapp for Nov. 24

No Fourth (Estate) Friday this day after Thanksgiving; Elizabethan chamber music at the Theatre; a Kid Pan Alley musical in the works; a new program to match volunteers with opportunities; and more in this week’s The Rapp. […]

Letters to the Editor

V is for volunteerism

Fast-forward to the present in Rappahannock County where I would like to take the opportunity to raise that same “V” salute to the many dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to bring a better quality of life to our citizens. […]