Dennis Brack
  • Everyday internet (July 21, 2016)

Asked if they used the internet daily, 100 percent of the 53 people who participated in the poll answered “Yes.” Not a shocking result, considering this poll was offered online.

Business use, personal or both? More than 80 percent said “both”; 17 percent said “personal.”

What did people say they did online? The breakdown is in the graphic.

  • The commute (July 28, 2016)

We asked those who live in Rappahannock and drive to work how far that drive was, one way, whether they worked full- or part-time, and their age.

Eighty percent said they commuted to full-time jobs, 20 percent were part-time.

Age-wise, 40 percent were 35-44; 20 percent said they were 55-64 and 15 percent were 65 or older. The remaining 10 percent were 25-34. No one under 25 filled out the poll.

The distances are in the chart below.

  • The need for reliable broadband (Aug. 4, 2016)

We asked: In which of these areas do you think the need for reliable broadband is most critical in Rappahannock County?

Of the 36 respondents, the largest majority (78 percent) chose public safety.

The other choices, in order of popularity: local business (72 percent), education (53 percent), health care (47 percent), maintaining home value (42 percent) and tourism (31 percent).